Rural area LTE coverage challeges

Intro My home village was always neglected by local authorities, all infrastructure especially internet was never on list of priorities. When I was a teen, during late ‘90, where most of the people had ADSL connection we in forgotten area (about 60km from Zagreb) were still on dial-up. That was... [Read More]
Tags: Mikrotik LTE

Jabra Evolve toast notifications

It happend again… I was in meeting and suddenly all become so quiet. Everyone must have stopped talking or my headset died. You guess it… I really like my Jabra Evolve 65. But I don’t understand why Jabra direct software can’t have feature to give you some visual warning when... [Read More]

Copy SfB Dial plans to Teams

Hello, This will be a short article just to log simple oneliner. Goal is to export existing dialplans from SfB and copy them to Microsoft Teams. Remember, there’s only limited amount of keystroks that one can do in lifetime. [Read More]